Sinclair A-Bike

3D Animation & CG Product Visuals for Sir Clive Sinclair's invention.

Sinclair A-Bike

Sir Clive Sinclair's invention the 'A-bike' required a CG animation to demonstrate the complex mechanism behind it.

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Animation Product Visualisation

Sinclair A-Bike Still From CG Animation
Sinclair A-Bike Computer Generated Image
Sinclair A-Bike 3D CG Visualisation
Sinclair A-Bike 3D Visualisation Image

As well as our usual approach of lighting and replicating materials accurately we worked extensively on a rig with physically accurate constraints to demonstrate the intricate engineering when collapsing or extending the bike. Once edited with soundtrack, the animation together with a selection of high resolution images were given to the media on launch day.

Sinclair A-Bike Rig Image
Sinclair A-Bike CGI Visual
Sinclair A-Bike 3D Visualisation